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Compact Dex Converter

The Android 9 (Pie) release has introduced a new type of Dex file, the Compact Dex (Cdex). Cdex is
an ART internal file format that is compacting various Dex data structs (e.g. method header) and
deduplicates common data blobs (e.g. strings) in multi-dex files. The deduplicated data from the
Dex files of an input application are stored in the shared section of the Vdex container.

Now since the Vdex containers are storing Cdex files instead of standard Dex, the vdexExtractor
backends (starting from version 019) have been updated to support them too. However, since the tool
does not implement a Dex IR it is not possible to convert a Cdex file back to standard Dex without
using an external tool. For this purpose the «compact_dex_converter» tool has been written, which
uses the libdexlayout (Dex IR) from the AOSP art repo. The source code of the tool is available
here. Compiling the tool
requires forking the necessary AOSP repos and building as an AOSP module.

For convenience vdexExtractor is implementing a helper tool (see «tools/deodex» in the following
section) that downloads a set of precompiled binaries and wraps around the required automation. In
addition the «compact_dex_converter» binaries can be downloaded from the following links:

  • Linux x86-64
  • Linux x86-64 old CPUs (no SSE4.2 & no POPCNT #29)
  • ARM64 (aarch64)
    • Statically compiled: NOT SUPPORTED
  • macOS
    • Statically compiled: NOT SUPPORTED

The ‘s’ suffix in binary names stands for «statically compiled» and the ‘d’ for «debug» build. They
can be also combined (e.g. ‘ds’ — statically compiled debug build).

Surse utilizate în proiect[modificare | modificare sursă]

În cadrul proiectului DEX Online au fost utilizate mai multe surse de informații:

  • Dicționarul explicativ al limbii române, Academia Română, Institutul de Lingvistică «Iorgu Iordan», Editura Univers Enciclopedic, 2009
  • Dicționarul explicativ al limbii române, Academia Română, Institutul de Lingvistică «Iorgu Iordan», Editura Univers Enciclopedic, 1998
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  • Dicționarul etimologic român, Alexandru Ciorănescu, Universidad de la Laguna, Tenerife, 1958-1966
  • Dicționar al limbii române actuale (ediția a II-a revăzută și adăugită), Zorela Creța, Lucreția Mareș, Zizi Ștefănescu-Goangă, Flora Șuteu, Valeriu Șuteu, Editura Curtea Veche, 1998
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  • Dicționar de neologisme, Florin Marcu și Constant Maneca, Editura Academiei, București, 1986
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  • Marele dicționar de neologisme, Florin Marcu, Editura Saeculum, 2000
  • Această sursă include definiții ale unor cuvinte de uz curent care nu există în nici unul din celelalte dicționare, , ,
  • Dicționarul limbii române literare vechi (1640-1780) — Termeni regionali, Mariana Costinescu, Magdalena Georgescu, Florentina Zgraon, Editura Științifică și Enciclopedică, 1987
  • Dicționarul limbii române literare contemporane, Colectiv, Editura Academiei Republicii Populare Române, 1955-1957

Frequently Asked Questions

Outline of most important pillars of company protocol.

A vast yet simple range of services offered by us and our partners is one of the best way we share a close knit with our users base. Adding new products and improving already implemented products to our offerings is the key for the success of our business, our customer’s satisfaction, corporate scaling and overall company retention and valuation longterm.

How can blockchain succeed in the future?

We as a company are not only blockchain and cryptocurrency based but are focused heavily on the adoption and utility longterm of blockchain technology based products, innovation and with collaborative partnership strategies to scale the overall global adoption and improvements of blockchain technology.

Bringing a safe, logical and practical utility of such an early yet simple consensus type protocol of how the world and general public can successfully benefit from blockchain technology is one of our primary longterm goals we strive to succeed at always.

Utility Scripts

  • scripts/extract-apps-from-device.sh

    Extract ART compiler output resources (oat, art, vdex) of installed packages (user and system)
    from a connected Android device. Also supports extracting APK archives of installed packages. Some
    system app data might fail to extract without root access due to applied DAC permissions.

  • scripts/update-vdex-location-checksums.sh

  • tools/deodex/run.sh

    Helper tool to decompile (deodex) Vdex resources back to standard Dex files in a bulk manner. The
    tool is automatically handling the case of CompactDex files (as introduced in Android Pie) and
    uses the compact_dex_converter tool (more info
    here) to convert back to StandardDex. Since
    the converter is compiled as part of the AOSP sources, a set of binaries for Linux & maacOS is
    maintained from the developer for convenience.

TAOCOIN (TAO) is a secure and encrypted utility smart contract deployed upon the Ethereum Foundation’s blockchain.

TAOCOIN (TAO) Overview

The trade fee discounts will decrease over the course of a six year period from 50% in first year, to 0% in year six. After the first year, trade fee discounts are as such:

1. 50% year one

2. 40% year two

3. 30% year three

4. 20% year four

5. 10% year five

6. 0% trade  year six

TAOCOIN will be allowed for usage as payment towards listing fees and at times as trade competition prize winnings. Further scaling will enable POS settlement within business utility from businesses that accept cryptocurrency as a payment settlement option. DEX Exchange Inc. is scouting CoinPayments based out of Canada to integrate TAOCOIN (TAO) into their product platform for scaling liquidity and utility for use as an option globally for E-commerce and in-store payment settlements of goods and or services. Further E-Commerce web based plugins being scouted for business to business integrations.

TAOCOIN further more will scale its trade upon competent and trusted cryptocurrency exchanges as well with pairing to different cryptocurrencies among these global exchanges.

Kubernetes custom resource definitions (CRDs)

custom resource definitions are a way for applications to create new resources types in the Kubernetes API.

The Custom Resource Definition (CRD) API object was introduced in Kubernetes version 1.7 to replace the Third Party Resource (TPR) extension. CRDs allow dex to run on top of an existing Kubernetes cluster without the need for an external database. While this storage may not be appropriate for a large number of users, it’s extremely effective for many Kubernetes use cases.

The rest of this section will explore internal details of how dex uses CRDs. Admins should not interact with these resources directly, except while debugging. These resources are only designed to store state and aren’t meant to be consumed by end users. For modifying dex’s state dynamically see the
API documentation

The following is an example of the AuthCode resource managed by dex:

Once the is created, custom resources can be created and stored at a namespace level. The CRD type and the custom resources can be queried, deleted, and edited like any other resource using .

dex requires access to the non-namespaced type. For example, clusters using RBAC authorization would need to create the following roles and bindings:

Removed: Kubernetes third party resources(TPRs)

TPR support in dex has been removed. The last version to support TPR

If you are currently running dex using TPRs, you will need to
before you upgrade to a post v2.17 dex. The script mentioned in the instructions can be
found here


The storage configuration is extremely limited since installations running outside a Kubernetes cluster would likely prefer a different storage option. An example configuration for dex running inside Kubernetes:

Dex determines the namespace it’s running in by parsing the service account token automatically mounted into its pod.

Categoriile de persoane care utilizeaza cel mai des acest dictionar roman online

1. Avocati, economisti si alte persoane angajate in domenii in care se folosesc limbaje de specialitate. Limbajul de specialitate se deprinde in timp, insa pentru un numar mare de specialisti care abia isi incep cariera sau pentru studentii care sunt inca pe bancile facultatii, un dictionar explicativ devine rapid cel mai bun prieten. Cea mai sigura cale de insusire a acestor cunostinte este repetitia, lectura si verificarea constanta a intelesului cuvintelor si termenilor care sunt inca neclari sau despre care exista suspiciunea ca ar putea avea intelesuri multiple.

2. Profesori. Profesorii trebuie sa dea in permanenta impresia ca stapanesc perfect limba romana, insa complexitatea acestei limbi face aproape imposibila o astfel de realizare. Cei mai multi profesori consulta adesea un dictionar al limbii romane atat pentru a se autoverifica, cat si pentru a-si imbogati constant vocabularul si indirect, vocabularul elevilor si studentilor cu care lucreaza. Mai mult, pentru profesori a cunoaste intelesul corect si intelesurile multiple ale cuvintelor pe care le folosesc nu este intotdeauna indeajuns. Multi profesori, in mod special cei de limba romana, au nevoie sa consulte adesea si un dictionar de sinonime sau un dictionar de rime. Aceasta pagina isi propune sa elimine nevoia de a purta zilnic in geanta cel putin 3 dictionare si ofera profesorilor posibilitatea sa lucreze direct de pe telefon sau tableta cu un dictionar ce cuprinde toate aceste aspecte practice.

3. Elevi si studenti. In perioada anilor de studiu, elevii si studentii sunt adesea aproape bombardati cu definitii si cuvinte noi pe care trebuie sa le stapaneasca rapid pentru a tine pasul. Aceasta este perioada in care se dezvolta cel mai mult vocabularul si de aceea este foarte important ca in aceasta perioada sa se profite cat mai mult pentru ca pe viitor, elevii si studentii care s-au dedicat crearii unui vocabular bogat sa se poata exprima coerent si corect in orice situatie. Pentru studenti in mod special, folosirea unui dictionar online devine aproape a doua natura pentru ca facultatea este o perioada in care acestia trebuie sa se adapteze unui flux de informatie cu mult peste cel cu care sunt obisnuiti. Cursuri care trateaza domenii noi sunt intotdeauna pline de cuvinte necunoscute vocabularului celor mai multi elevi de liceu. Cum cei mai multi studenti uita adesea sa aduca la cursuri un pix si foi, este greu ca profesorii sa aiba pretentia ca acestia sa aduca la fiecare curs un dictionar explicativ al limbii romane. Insa nici un student nu va uita vreodata telefonul mobil acasa, iar dictionarul explicativ pus la dispozitie pe aceasta pagina este cel mai simplu si mai rapid mod de a verifica acele cuvinte «misterioase» pe care le foloseste lectorul.

4. Parinti. Parintii sunt de multe ori cei mai dedicati profesori, iar parintii de copii mici sunt intotdeauna pusi in dificultate de intrebari venite de la micutii care absorb inca informatia ca un burete. Copilul isi va intreba parintii despre orice cuvant necunoscut auzit la televizor, prins dintr-o conversatie oarecare sau citit, cu increderea totala ca acestia ii pot da orice definitii, pentru ca parintii par sa stie intotdeauna totul. Parintii pusi in aceasta situatie delicata de intrebarile din ce in ce mai dificile ale celor mici pot trisa consultand aplicatia de dex online pe care v-o punem la dispozitie pe aceasta pagina, direct de pe mobil sau de pe tableta. Veti putea raspunde chiar si la cele mai dificile intrebari in doar cateva secunde!


  • 0.6.0 — 30 December 2019
    • Vdex 021 support for Android Q (appreciate IgorEisberg contribution)
    • Fix an issue in the method iterator of the Vdex 006 & 010 backends
    • Fix GCC 9 compilation issue
  • 0.5.2

    Fix an issue when decompiling framework bytecode the APIs of which have been hidden

    — 22 September 2018

  • 0.5.1 — 3 September 2018
    • Improve handling of deduplicated shared data section when exporting CompactDex files after
    • Fixes an OOB read issue in Vdex 010 decompiler
    • Fix Dex output header formatting glitch due to different magic size of CompactDex & StandardDex
    • Option () to query Android API level of a Vdex file (mostly useful when scripting
      around the tool)
    • deodex helper tool and URLs for compact_dex_converter binaries for Linux & macOS
  • 0.5.0 — 30 August 2018
    • Vdex 019 support for Android Pie (verifier dependencies, decompiler & disassembler)
    • Extended Dex file parsing library to support CompactDex files
    • Extended disassembler engine to support CompactDex files as processed from the Android Pie
      Vdex containers
    • Improved input files sanity checks to avoid malformed Vdex crashing the tool
    • Various bug fixes and disassembler output improvements
  • 0.4.1 — 4 March 2018
    • Fix Vdex 006 NOP decompilation issue
    • Support multi-depth directory recursion for input path
    • Argument to ignore CRC errors required for out-of-order optimized classes (see
      issue #3)
  • 0.4.0 — 11 December 2017
    • Add Vdex 010 (API-27) support by defining different parser & decompiler backend engines that are
      version specific
    • Fix a bug in verified dependencies iterator that presented results out of order
    • Simplified command line arguments
    • Deprecate class name recover information gather feature due to increased complexity in Vdex
      parser engine
    • Updated Dex API to support new opcodes & instruction formats
  • 0.3.1 — 17 November 2017
    • Add option to update checksum location of Vdex file (). Feature mostly targets
      use-cases were a backwards compatibility fix of the Vdex file is required without having to
      dex2oat recompile.
    • Implement class name recover information gather feature ()
    • Add timer utility functions to measure time spend to unquicken each input Vdex file
    • Use external log file only for disassembler & verified dependencies information output
    • Disassembler output performance improvements
    • Improve performance when decompiling and disassembling at the same run
    • Logging facility improvements
    • Improve code quality by removing duplicate code
  • 0.3.0 — 28 October 2017
    • Implement Vdex verified dependencies information iterator ()
    • Enable Dex disassembler without requiring to unquicken bytecode
    • Improve Dex disassembler output by resolving class & method definitions
    • Improve Dex disassembler output by annotating classes & methods access flags
    • Fixed a bug when printing number of class fields and method from Dex disassembler
    • Utility script to automate extraction of ART compiler output resources from a device
    • Dex file API improvements
  • 0.2.3

    Improve disassembler output when decompiling NOP instructions (effectively ignore spacers)

    — 16 October 2017

  • 0.2.2

    Fix UAF bug when processing multiple files

    — 16 October 2017

  • 0.2.1 — 16 October 2017
    • Option to save output to log file instead of (default) STDOUT ()
    • Dump Vdex header information with verbose debug option
    • Fix minor memory leaks & memory corruptions in disassembler engine
  • 0.2.0 — 16 October 2017
    • Unquicken decompiler stable release ()
    • Implement Dex bytecode disassembler ()
  • 0.1.1 — 13 October 2017
    • Unquicken decompiler beta release ()
    • Allow override of output Dex files ()
  • 0.1.0

    Initial release

    — 8 October 2017

Integrated Disassembler

To debug the decompiler and assist the Dex bytecode investigation tasks, a light disassembler has
been implemented. The disassembler output is very similar to the one provided by the AOSP dexdump2
utility of the project. The disassembler can be used independently of the
unquickening decompiler.

A sample output is illustrated in the following snippet. Lines prefixed with illustrate the
output of the decompiled instruction (previous line) located in that offset. Notice that all the
quickened offsets and vtable references have been reverted back to original signatures and


  • А
  • Б
  • В
  • Г
  • Д
  • Е
  • Ж
  • З
  • И
  • Й
  • К
  • Л
  • М
  • Н
  • О
  • П
  • Р
  • С
  • Т
  • У
  • Ф
  • Х
  • Ц
  • Ч
  • Ш
  • Щ
  • Э
  • Ю
  • Я

абажур м.

abajur, taier (al unei lămpi)

абандон м.

părăsire, lepădare, abandonare, renunţare

аббат м.


аббатиса ж.


аббатство с.


аббревиатура ж.

prescurtare, abreviatură

абзац м.


абитуриент м.

abiturient, candidat la admitere

абонемент м.

subscriere, abonament

абонент м.

subscris, abonat

абонировать гл.

a subscrie, a abona

абордаж м.


абориген м.


аборт м.

avort, chiuretaj

абрек м.

abrec, războinic oset (ist.)

абрикос м.

  1. abricos, cais (pom)
  2. abricoasă, caisă (fruct)

абрикотин м.

abricotină, lichior de caise

абсолютный прил.

desăvîrşit, absolut, complet

абсорбент м.


абсорбировать гл.

a absorbi

абстрактный прил.


абстракционизм м.


абстракция ж.


абсурд м.

prostie, absurditate, stupiditate

абсцесс м.

buboi, absces, flegmon

абсцисса ж.

abscisă (geom.)

абхазы мн.


авангард м.


авангардизм м.


аванс м.

arvonă, avans, acont

авансирование с.

arvonire, avansare, acontare

авантюра ж.

acţiune riscantă, aventură



авария ж.

accident, avarie, pană

август м.


авиабаза ж.

bază aeriană

авиабензин м.

benzină de avion

авиабилет м.

bilet de avion, tichet de avion

авось нареч.

poate, la noroc, cumva, s-ar putea, la întâmplare

авоська ж.

plasă, sacoşă, neţ

аврал м.

avral (mar.)

австрийцы мн.


австро-венгерский прил.


автобаза ж.

bază auto, unitate de exploatare auto

автобиография ж.

autobiografie, CV

автоблокировка ж.

blocaj automat, blocare automată

автобус м.

autobuz, autocar

автовесы м.

cîntar automat

автовокзал м.

autogară, gară auto

автозаправка ж.

benzinărie, staţie peco

автоинспекция ж.

inspectorat auto

автокатастрофа ж.

accident rutier

автоклуб м.

club auto

автоколонна ж.

coloană de automobile

автокран м.

autocran, macara automobilă, macara autopropulsată

автолюбитель м.

şofer amator

автомагистраль ж.

autostradă, autoban

автомат м.

automat (dispozitiv)

автоматизировать гл.

a automatiza

автомашина ж.

automobil, maşină, autoturism

автонарушитель м.

infractor auto, contravenient auto

автономия ж.


автоперевозка ж.

transport auto

автопогрузчик м.

autoîncărcător, autostivuitor

автореферат м.

autoreferat, rezumat

авторитет ж.


авторство с.

calitatea de autor, paternitate

авторучка ж.

stilou, stilograf

автостоп м.


автотранспорт м.

transport auto

автохтон м.

băştinaş, autohton, indigen

агава ж.

agavă (bot.)

агат м.

agat (miner.)

агентура ж.

agentură, reţea de agenţi

агитатор м.


агитпоезд м.

tren de agitaţie, caravană de agitaţie

агрегат м.


агрессивный прил.

agresiv, violent

агрессия ж.


агробаза ж.

bază agricolă, staţiune agricolă

агроном м.

agronom, inginer-agronom

агротехник м.

agrotehnician, subinginer-agronom

агрофирма ж.

firmă agricolă, întreprindere agricolă

агроэкология ж.

agroecologie, ecologie agricolă

ад м.

iad, gheenă, infern

адаптация ж.

deprindere, adaptare, acomodare


a se deprinde, a se adapta, a se acomoda

адекватный прил.

potrivit, adecvat, corespunzător

адепт м.

părtaş, adept, susținător

аджарцы мн.


администратор м.


администрация ж.

administraţie, conducere

администрировать гл.

a administra, a conduce

адоптировать гл.

a înfia, a adopta

адреналин м.


адрес м.


адресат м.

adresant, destinatar

адресовать гл.

a adresa

адский прил.

de gheenă, diavolesc, infernal, diabolic

адъютант м.

aghiotant, adjutant

The Matrix Decentralized Competition Gaming Engine & Ecosystem

MATRIX GAMING IT, a decentralized ecosystem housing an entire economical system and community of and for gamers. In design this system protocol carries a full tournaments layer engine for creating and or participating in infinite gaming competitions.

Create teams, compete, socialize, read news and or shop a full e-commerce store with fiat and cryptocurrency accepted payment settlement abilities on clothing, ledger nano’s, professional gaming cloud-tech products and equipment.

The entire ecosystem is core functional in economical liquidity with its secure blockchain based smart contract cryptocurrency, “GamerGold (GG)” ERC20. GG has an 18 decimal precision and is housed to the Ethereum Foundation blockchain for efficiency, network transaction speeds.

All of our dev teams progresses are open source via our company Github repository. Within scaling of the executive roadmap includes constant genesis of new and upcoming gaming tournament competitions. Scaling into LIBRA blockchain smart contracts through the “Move” development language and protocol design of its tech logics is another of our core focuses on longterm scaling within the Matrix Gaming IT executive roadmap.

MATRIX GAMING IT carries a giveback incentives system protocol of 15%. 10% of all GamerGold (GG) transaction fee revenues in BTC form will allocate to charitable causes and humanitarian UN relief programs.


Dex supports persisting state to
etcd v3 .

An example etcd configuration is using these values:

Etcd storage can be customized further using the following options:

  • : list of etcd endpoints we should connect to
  • : etcd namespace to be set for the connection. All keys created by
    etcd storage will be prefixed with the namespace. This is useful when you
    share your etcd cluster amongst several applications. Another approach for
    setting namespace is to use

  • : username for etcd authentication
  • : password for etcd authentication
  • : ssl setup for etcd connection
    • : ensures that the certificate matches the given hostname the
      client is connecting to.
    • : path to the ca
    • : path to the private key
    • : path to the certificate

Clienți off-line[modificare | modificare sursă]

Deoarece baza de date a DEX online este parțial eliberată sub o licență liberă, au apărut mai multe programe ce permit consultarea bazei de date offline, pe telefoane mobile sau calculatoare.

Nume Platformă Spațiu pe disk Autor Licență
Windows, Linux 490 MB Octavian Râșniță GPL
Windows, Linux, Mac OS 250 MB Cristian Năvălici GPL_(licență,_versiunea_3)
Windows, Linux 48 MB Octavian Procopiuc GPL
Android 3 MB Freeware
Windows Phone 1 MB Freeware
DEX pentru Android 4.0
Ultima versiune 6.5 (26 ianuarie )
Repozitor Cod sursă
Sistem de operare Android
Disponibil în limba română 
Disponibil în română Da
Tip Dicționar explicativ român pentru platforma Android
Licență Freeware
Prezență online


The story follows Dex, a young woman living in Harbor Prime, a city controlled by corporations.

Dex is awoken one night by a hacker named Raycast, who warns her about a squad of assassins about to enter her apartment. They have been sent by The Complex — a secretive society operating above the corporations and manipulating the Harbor Prime to their own sinister ends.

Raycast guides Dex to relative safety, into a bar known as Fixer’s Den, where Dex is helped by Decker, a former hacker, and Tony. Raycast reveals that Dex is the «Avatar of Kether» — Kether being an Artificial Intelligence created by the Complex, capable of overseeing the entire net. The Complex wanted to use Kether to control the entire net, but during the final stages of testing, Kether unexpectedly gained self-awareness and broke free of its restraint. The Complex deployed a counter-program, GSV, that locked Kether in a stalemate with neither able to destroy the other. However, Kether has just enough time to create a backup-copy of itself in a biological network — a human brain. Dex.

Adding a new storage options

Each storage implementation bears a large ongoing maintenance cost and needs to be updated every time a feature requires storing a new type. Bugs often require in depth knowledge of the backing software, and much of this work will be done by developers who are not the original author. Changes to dex which add new storage implementations require a strong use case to be considered for inclusion.

New storage option references

Those who still want to construct a proposal for a new storage should review the following packages:

  • : Interface definitions which the storage must implement. NOTE: This package is not stable.
  • : Conformance tests which storage implementations must pass.

New storage option requirements

Any proposal to add a new implementation must address the following:

  • Integration testing setups (Travis and developer workstations).
  • Transactional requirements: atomic deletes, updates, etc.
  • Is there an established and reasonable Go client?


Dex received mixed reviews from critics. Arcade Sushi praised the gameplay system which «combines expressive 2D sprites and nostalgic platforming with some grade-A, modern action-RPG.» It also praised the story and its familiarity to Deus Ex and Shadowrun. On the other hand, the save system was criticised as was the journal system. The review also mentioned some minor bugs, but was overall positive and called Dex a «solid game worth investment.» Czech server Zing praised the atmosphere of the game world and the story along with the soundtrack. Side-quests that include possibility to make a decision also gained praise. However, it criticised the amount of bugs and noted that Dex should have stayed in Early Access for a bit longer. Dex won the Czech Video Game of the Year Award for artistic contribution to Czech video game output in 2014.

Verified Dependencies Iterator

When the Dex bytecode files are compiled (optimized) for the first time, dex2oat executes the
verification dependencies collector as part of the MethodVerifier The verification dependencies
collector class is used to record resolution outcomes and type assignability tests of
classes/methods/fields defined in the classpath. The compilation driver initializes the class and
registers all Dex files which are being compiled. Classes defined in Dex files outside of this set
(or synthesized classes without associated Dex files) are considered being in the classpath. All
recorded dependencies are stored in the generated Vdex file along with the corresponding Oat file
from the OatWriter class.

vdexExtractor tool integrates a Vdex dependencies walker function that is capable to iterate all
dependencies information and dump them in a human readable format. The following snippet
demonstrates a dependencies dump example of a sample Vdex file.


Dex supports three flavors of SQL: SQLite3, Postgres and MySQL.

Migrations are performed automatically on the first connection to the SQL server (it does not support rolling back). Because of this dex requires privileges to add and alter the tables for its database.

NOTE: Previous versions of dex required symmetric keys to encrypt certain values before sending them to the database. This feature has not yet been ported to dex v2. If it is added later there may not be a migration path for current v2 users.


SQLite3 is the recommended storage for users who want to stand up dex quickly. It is not appropriate for real workloads.

The SQLite3 configuration takes a single argument, the database file.

Because SQLite3 uses file locks to prevent race conditions, if the “:memory:” value is provided dex will automatically disable support for concurrent database queries.


When using Postgres, admins may want to dedicate a database to dex for the following reasons:

  1. Dex requires privileged access to its database because it performs migrations.
  2. Dex’s database table names are not configurable; when shared with other applications there may be table name clashes.

An example config for Postgres setup using these values:

The SSL “mode” corresponds to the package
. If unspecified, dex defaults to the strictest mode “verify-full”.


Dex requires MySQL 5.7 or later version. When using MySQL, admins may want to dedicate a database to dex for the following reasons:

  1. Dex requires privileged access to its database because it performs migrations.
  2. Dex’s database table names are not configurable; when shared with other applications there may be table name clashes.

An example config for MySQL setup using these values:

The SSL “mode” corresponds to the package
. If unspecified, dex defaults to the strictest mode “true”.

Development and release[]

The game was announced on Game Developers Session 2012 and originally scheduled to be released in 2013. In late 2012, developers started a Kickstarter campaign, which started on November 12 when the studio asked for £14,000. The amount was reached a week later and in the end the game was pledged £30,647. On November 4, 2012 Dex was greenlit for Steam.

The first build of Alpha version was released an Early Access on 14 August 2014. It featured a limited amount of quests and locations. The second build was released three months later, featuring more quests, locations and characters. The Beta was released on 1 April 2015, adding almost all features intended for the final release, including the story, and was published only in Steam Beta Build. The final version was released on 7 May 2015.

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