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Wishing Well

The Wishing Well is a fun little feature in Candy Box 2. Toss a candy in it and you’ll instantly heal your wounds, which is much better than waiting for them to heal on their own. Each time you use this feature the number of candies needed to heal you jumps up, though, so don’t waste this insta-healing frivolously.

You can also toss a lollipop in the well. The well will then convert your lollipop into a candy. Each time you do this you’ll gain the option to toss in more lollipops at a higher price; you’ll get half as many candies as the number of lollipops you toss in. Not bad.

You can throw chocolate bars in the well. These allow you to upgrade your items into magical items. These gloves have different properties.

  • Gloves change into Pink or Red Enchanted Gloves. Pink Enchanted Gloves do will restore your health constantly when worn; Red Enchanted Gloves will randomly launch fireballs at opponents while you’re on quests.
  • The Octopus King Crown changes into the Octopus King Crown with Jaspers or the Octopus King Crown with Obsidian. Jaspers launch large fireballs randomly from you; Obsidian will summon an Octopus King to help you out occasionally. Both are pretty groovy.
  • The Monkey Wizard Staff changes into the Monkey Wizard Staff (Enchanted). This version will fire spells off with greater frequency.
  • The Tribal Spear changes into the Summoning Tribal Spear. It will summon tribal warriors to help you in your travels.
  • Knight Body Armor turns into Enchanted Knight Body Armor. Your resistance increases considerably, but your attack damage is cut in half. Hm.
  • The Giant Spoon upgrades to the Giant Spoon of Doom. It hits very hard but does so at an incredibly reduced rate of fire.

Last, you can heave Pain Au Chocolats into the well. Doing so will grant you a boost to your Power, Magic, or Health. All three are cumulative and well worth the loss of a chocolate.

The Hole

Faaaaalling! The Hole is a weird area that’s filled with spikes. Touch the spikes and you take a ton of damage. Avoid the spikes. Otherwise, your primary problem here is the tribal warriors within; they’re pretty strong at this point, and random magic shots are probably your best bet for taking them down unscathed. (On the plus side, you can get a Tribal Spear for killing a warrior.) Also here are several chests with nifty items inside; it pays to know that you can jump with the J key while trying to get at these items. Much easier than trying to click the button with your mouse.

  • Below the first two spiked floors is a small ledge with a chest. Despite how it looks, you can jump to this normally. In the chest is a Heart Pendant. It increases your HP count.
  • Fall down the right side of the map. There’s a spiked pit below you with a hole in the middle. Squeeze and fall through this hole to reach a chest containing a Black Magic Grimoire. This Grimoire teaches you two powerful spells.
  • Fall down the left side of the map and climb the hill after you first land. Past several sections of spikes is a chest containing a Desert Fortress Key which will open the fortress in the desert. (Duh.) You need a lot of health to bypass these spikes without dying.
  • At the very bottom is a chest guarded by four warriors. Kill them all to get three bars of chocolate.

Got them all? The only way to leave with the items in hand is to fall down the pit on the right side. Don’t leave without doing this or you’ll have to go through this area again.

The Octoking Infinity Exploit[]

This exploit can get you a large amount of candies from The Sea. The exploit uses the octopus minion to attack enemies, which provides you with a steady flow of candies. These are the steps to pulling the Octoking Infinity stunt off:

  1. Equip the Octopus King’s Crown with the Obsidian Enchantment. If you don’t, get it by killing Octopus King and enchanting the Octopus King’s Crown
  2. Jump into the sea at the Pier
  3. You can either block yourself at Fish, or at the Jellyfish. Jellyfish give 150 candies each, while Fish give 15 each. To block yourself, get into whatever you’re blocking yourself in (e.g. if you chose Fish, you go into fish).
  4. After you’re in, get stuck behind an Octopus King that you summoned. Note: sometimes Fish run out, so often Jellyfish are best.
  5. Just wait and the Octopus Kings will kill Fish/Jellyfish for you, with no input!
  6. To go even faster, use an enchanted Monkey Wizard Staff!

The Desert

Another dungeon, of sorts. The Desert is as straightforward as the Cellar, though you’re facing some stronger enemies. Buy an Iron Axe for 400 candies and you’ll clear The Desert when you’re at full health. Beating The Desert will unlock The Lollipop Farm, as well as the Time Ring and Leather Gloves back at the Shop. Buy both when you accumulate enough candy. Beating The Desert also unlocks The Bridge to the southwest, the Wishing Well to the west, and The Cave Entrance to the far west. We’ll get to those in a bit.

While running this quest you’ll probably notice Desert Birds flitting overhead. If you have an attack that can hit things in the air (I used the random fireballs from the Red Enchanted Gloves) you can kill these things and gain a Desert Bird Feather.


Here’s a bit of potion-making. Once you get the Cauldron from the witch, you’ll unlock brewing, which allows you to create a series of potions using recipes outlined in the instruction manual. All are handy in their own way, though unlike the first game you aren’t hobbled horribly if you don’t rely too much on potions. (Most of the time, anyway.)

Listed below are descriptions of each of the potions, and how they’re made. Note that you can multiply the number of ingredients listed to make multiple potions in a single brewing. The only exception is the X Potion, which must be made one-at-a-time.

Health Potion

Simple and important, the Health Potion restores your HP when used during a quest. They are always useful.

  • Put a minimum of 100 candies in the cauldron.
  • Mix for five seconds.
  • Put the brew into bottles.

Turtle Potion

Another returning player for the first Candy Box, the Turtle Potion transforms you into a turtle for a little while. You move much more slowly, but you’re also highly resistant to attacks.

  • Place 50 candies and 500 lollipops in the cauldron.
  • Mix for 10 seconds.
  • Stop mixing.
  • Add 50 more candies.
  • Mix for five more seconds.
  • Pour the brew into bottles.

Anti-Gravity Potion

Ooo, negation of physics. Drinking the Anti-Gravity Potion will cause your little guy to ignore gravity for a few seconds and safely fly over pits. He will also continue to float at the top of a jump until the potion wears off. This is only really helpful until you get the Rocket Boots, after which the Anti-Gravity Potion is kinda useless.

  • Put 1,000 candies in the cauldron.
  • Boil the cauldron until it is lukewarm.
  • Stop heating.
  • Add another 1,000 candies.
  • Heat again, but this time go all the way into the boiling point.
  • Pout the brew into bottles.

Berserk Potion

Mmmm, extra attack power. The Berserk Potion eats up half your health upon use, but the tradeoff is that you become an unstoppable killing machine for a little while. So long as you have a solid regeneration cycle, the Berserk Potion is a huge boon to late-game battles.

  • Add 20,000 lollipops to the cauldron.
  • Mix until your arms start to hurt. (Yes, this is a prompt that comes up. It takes a full minute of stirring.)
  • Bour the brew into bottles.

If you go against the instructions and add at least a single candy to the mix you’ll get a Cloning Potion instead. This will create an exact copy of your player to battle alongside you, though at a greatly reduced amount of power.

P Potion

The first few P Potions you drink will likely be beneficial, restoring health. Keep going, though, and a more extreme random element will step in, sometimes stealing health, sometimes casting random spells, sometimes transforming you into a turtle. You can never tell exactly what will happen. My only advice is that you not use a P Potion while wandering about as a turtle, since the effects are never good.

  • Add 500 candies to your cauldron.
  • Mix for four or five seconds.
  • Stop mixing.
  • Add a number of candies equivalent to the number of seconds for which you mixed. If you mixed for four seconds, add 400 candies. Mix for five, add 500 candies.
  • Boil the cauldron until it is lukewarm.
  • Stop boiling.
  • Add a supply of lollipops. I add the same number of lollipops as candies in the fourth step, and it always works; not sure if that’s required, however.
  • Mix for five seconds.
  • Put the potion into bottles.

X Potion

The X Potion is a potion of legend, and ostensibly the most difficult to brew, given its cryptic directions. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to create.

  • Put one candy in the Cauldron. Hit Boil, then immediately hit Stop. You need to stop it while the water is still cold.
  • Do this three more times.
  • Put one lollipop in the Cauldron. Heat the Cauldron all the way to boiling.
  • Pour the potion into bottles. Instant X Potion!

The X Potion is unique in that it will teleport you to a battle with yourself upon consumption. You cannot win this battle unless you’re wearing the Octopus King Crown. Defeat yourself and you’ll earn the Boots of Introspection, which stops you from moving when you enter a quest. This is much handier than it sounds. You’ll also earn one-tenth of your current candies, which can add up to a ton of candies late in the game.

Lollipop Farm

Anyone who played the original Candy Box will remember the Lollipop Farm fondly. Take all those lollipops you found in The Village and plant them. After a long wait, you’ll get another lollipop. Plant that as well. With each lollipop you plant, you’ll increase the rate at which they grow, to the point where they will be appearing in your inventory by the hundreds every second. Do this early and you’ll make the late game a great deal easier, as lots of people love them their lollipops. The field itself maxes out at 100 lollipops a second.

Once you reach 10,000 lollipops you can build a Mill. You can thereafter feed the Mill with lollipops and increase your candy production, which I highly recommend doing as early as possible.

Reach 100,000 lollipops and you can dig a Pond. You can then use candies to purchase Lolligators for the Pond. Lolligators allow you to convert candies to lollipops; the more Lolligators you have, the faster the conversion rate.

A Tree

Hover over the trees east of A Lonely House to find a labelled «Tree.» Here you’ll find a Squirrel that will help you in exchange for answering questions correctly. Provide it with the following answers for prizes:

  • «Yes» — 20 candies
  • «C» — 100 candies
  • Your current candy count — 500 candies
  • «10» — 3 lollipops
  • «Floats» — 3 chocolate bars

After the quiz, the Squirrel will challenge you to Tic Tac Toe. This is much easier than it looks: simply think «outside the box» and click three times below the Tic Tac Toe board, in a horizontal row. The Squirrel will give you The Third House Key for The Village. All done. Thanks for playing!

The Castle

This place is a little different from usual, as it has a map to search for. Let’s explore!

  • There’s an Oven in the central room. For 100 candies and one chocolate it will make you a Pain au Chocolat. Throw this into the Wishing Well for some fancy power boosts.
  • There’s a giant spiked pit in the bottom room on the left. Owies.
  • The middle room on the left is darkened. Click the middle of your screen to light a fire. Beside the fire is a Pitchfork which will triple your lollipop production. Score!
  • The top room on the left has a huge, strange, invincible creature that wants to protect its eggs. The second you so much as touch one of the eggs, the thing will fall down and crush you. Instant death. Turn off all of your attacks and summons, strap on the Rocket Boots, and carefully fly over to the chest on the left side of the room. The hardest part of this is landing without falling down on top of the chest. Inside it is an L Stone.
  • On the right side of the ground floor is a nougat monster. When you enter battle it will be asleep, but after doing enough damage it will come to life and amble over to you. One hit and you’re pretty much toast. Seems tough, but equipping the Boots of Introspection, the Summoning Tribal Spear and the Octopus King Crown with Obsidian will create a massive room full of buffering cronies to protect you. They’ll kill the thing before it can get you to. You can’t do anything with The Tower beyond just yet, but, hey, why not kill the monster now? It’s worth a ton of candy.

All done? Then head north. There’s a dragon waiting, but it’s not interested in fighting. It will give you a series of challenges to tackle; they’re listed below.

Don’t worry—he’s not as tough as he looks.

Challenge: The Devil

Welcome to Hel . . . somewhere bad! The Devil awaits on the opposite side of several lava pits, constantly launching fireballs at you, and a giant bat thing drops more minions from overhead. You can try to bust your way through by Rocket Booting across the lava and using magical projectiles on the thing on the way, but it’s much easier to use the Boots of Introspection to remain firmly on the far end of the lava. Use the Monkey Wizard Staff (Enchanted) and the Black Demons spell to hit the Devil from afar without exposing yourself to much damage. Take the Devil out to earn an A Stone and a ton of candies.

Fame: The Developer

Hoo boy. No less than the Developer himself has come out to play. The man’s very words will turn into attacks. Fortunately, this guy is not as tough as he looks, for despite his massive amount of HP your attacks will scale to meet the challenge. Nevertheless, you’ll want to outfit yourself with every item that maximizes attack damage, as well as equipping the Scythe and not equipping the Enchanted Knight Body Armor. Upgrade your attack strength with a few Pain au Chocolats for good measure, brew some Berserker Potions, then go to. If you have over 1,200 or so health you’ll survive the first onslaught, then with the Berserker Potion active you’ll kill the Developer before he can bring you down. You’ll earn the Y Stone for beating the Developer.

Candies: The Lighthouse

The dragon’s third option is candies, and lots of ’em. He’ll suggest you see his friend, the cyclops, which is The Lighthouse itself. Visit The Lighthouse after talking to the dragon and ask the cyclops the appropriate question. He will pose you a puzzle. It’s very, very complex, and, uh, I’ll admit that I couldn’t solve it on my own. Here’s the solution. (Thanks, Candy Box wiki. You’re pretty great.) Completing this puzzle will earn you the P Stone.


Enemies in The Sea spawn in waves. These waves are mostly fixed, with some random choices between two or three possible waves.

The Shell Powder and the Sponge are generated independent of the waves.

  • The Shell Powder is generated after 500 tiles.
  • The Sponge, which drops the magical sponge item, is generated after 793 tiles.

Distance note: A tile is the width of an ASCII character (a letter, number, or other symbol). The status bar at the top of the page has a width of 100 tiles. The Sea moves at 10 tiles per second unless the player is blocked.

A wave of small fish

Group 1

Two waves (possibly same) for 100 tiles each, randomly chosen from:

  • Small fish
  • Small fish at half density. Same as above, but each fish has only 50% chance of appearing
  • Medium fish, each with 20% chance of appearing

Group 2

A large group of Small Fish spawn in a pattern, for a distance of 50 tiles. Randomly chosen from squares, crosses or lines.

Group 3 (possibly the same)

Randomly chosen from:

  • One group of 3 small sharks («a dangerous fish»), for a distance of 60
  • Jellyfish at a rate of 10%, for a distance of 100

Group 4

Five magic seahorses spawn at the right side of the screen, which do not move horizontally. Four Seahorses are stationary, and one moves vertically with the player. All Seahorses spit out blue fireballs straight forwards which do a large amount of damage, so avoiding these is critical.

The wave ends when all Seahorses are dead

Group 6 / End

Sea Snakes and large Sharks spawn

  • Sea Snakes are invincible and intangible. They shoot out extremely powerful blue water balls which deal 300 damage, but do not damage on contact or stop the player from moving
  • The longer the wave lasts, the more frequently the Sharks and Snakes spawn
  • The sharks with special fins appear after certain distances from the start of the final wave:
    • Red: 150
    • Green: 700
    • Purple: 2500

Bug Levels

Bug Level 1 — 1 mlp

You are awarded 1-3 chocolate bars. This bug has a chance of failing as well.


  • (25% chance) «You found 1 chocolate bar !!»
  • (25% chance) «You found 2 chocolate bars !!! \o/»
  • (25% chance) «You found 3 chocolate bars !!!!! \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/»
  • (25% chance) «There’s a bug with the bug, it didn’t worked :/»

Bug Level 2 — 10 mlp

This bug can increase the production limit of your lollipop farm:

  • (33% chance) Raises the limit to 10,000 lollipops per second. This requires having approximately 1,729,000 (1,728,123) lollipops planted. This only lasts until you next load your game.
    • However, if you activate the bug again, you do not need to replant the lollipops.
    • Furthermore, using this bug multiple times does not increase the production limit of your lollipop farm past 10,000 lollipops per second.
  • (33% chance) You meet a shoemaker, journalist, translator, student, writer, vet, farmer, fireman, butcher, reporter, monk, priest, architect, or electrician who will give you a random amount of candy from 2 to 50,000,002 (50 million and 2).
  • (33% chance) You pick up all your candies from the floor.


  • «The production limit of your lollipop farm has increased ! (*)»
  • «You picked up all candies you have thrown on the floor. (0)»
  • «You met a translator. He gave you 38197452 candies !»

Bug Level 3 — 100 mlp

  • (33% chance) You gain a Sword of Liflamesummoning (50% chance) or nothing (50%) chance). If you already own either a Sword of Liflamesummoning or Sword of Randomness, nothing happens.
  • (33% chance) The number of candies owned is multiplied by 3.
  • (33% chance) If you own an enchanted sword (any sword with a level), it may either lose 3 levels (14.2% chance) or gain 1 level (85.7% chance). If you don’t own an enchanted sword, nothing happens.


  • «Your candies were multiplied by 3 !»
  • «The level of your sword increased by 1 !»
  • «You found a new sword : the Sword of Liflamesummoning !»
  • «Your sword lost 3 levels.»
  • «There’s a bug with the bug, it didn’t work :/»

Bug Level 4 — 1 blp

No result occurs from bug level 4, as it is classified as illegitimate.


«Fake bug ! I guess you’ll need 10000 mpl :)»

Bug Level 5 — 10 blp

  • (50% chance) Everyone in the quests becomes a pony, albeit ponies with the same life, damage, weapon, and behaviours. If «ponyTime» is in effect, nothing happens. This effect only lasts until you next load the game.
  • (50% chance) You gain a Sword of Randomness. If you already own a Sword of Randomness, nothing happens.

If both the sword and the pony effect are active, this bug will always say that it didn’t work.


  • «It’s pony time !! Everyone is a pony now ! (*)»
  • «You found a new sword : the Sword of Randomness !»
  • «There’s a bug with the bug, it didn’t work :/»

Bug Level 6 — 100 blp

No result occurs from bug level 6. The information within is displayed automatically when you reach the lollipop threshold.

«No level 6 bug, sorry 🙁 (maybe level 7 ?)»

Bug Level 7 — 1 tlp

No result occurs from bug level 7. The information within is displayed automatically when you reach the lollipop threshold.

«Crap, no level 7 bug either :s Don’t give up !»

Bug Level 8 — 10 tlp

No result or message occurs from bug level 8. The information within is displayed automatically when you reach the lollipop threshold. With the passing of the threshold the and options are unlocked.

«Welcome to the bug factory !

You now have access to the entire computer, and you can therefore create your own bugs.»

Post-Game Content

After opening the Candy Box, you’ll unlock a few new menu items.

  • Inside Your Box!: See for yourself.
  • The Computer: Allows you to enter a variety of commands to see what will happen. Here’s a full list of things you can enter. Most of the commands give you simple, silly responses.
  • The Arena: This section contains a few custom areas created by outside programmers. Not many as of this writing, but that’s sure to change with time. You can also use this page to access Candy Box 2’s Hard Mode. I assume you can play it before beating the game, but I recommend you try the normal game first.

And, uh, that’s pretty much it. Huzzah! All that’s left . . .

It’s time to get cooking.

Boss info[]

The first text, «HELLO», is made of magic balls that deal 20 damage per hit.

The second text, «I’M GLAD YOU MADE IT THIS FAR», deals 32 damage per magic ball.

The third text, «<3», deals 9,999,999,999,999 damage per magic ball.

The Developer has 1,000,000,000 HP, but takes 60,000-70,000 (random) times base damage.

If the player uses black magic, Black Hole, or Erase Magic, a black hole will be formed at the player’s location, dealing 5000 damage per hit. Teleport can dodge the Black Hole, but spell cooldown prevents Teleport from being used right after another spell, so it can only be used after your own Black Hole. The Developer’s Black Hole will damage himself.

The Developer drops 6,000,000 candies upon defeat, and logs the message, «You managed to beat me. Congratulations :)».

When he dies, he drops the The Y stone.

The Sea

This is a strange place. Unlike most quests, you can navigate up and down to hit (or avoid) enemies. The enemies get gradually tougher as you go along, to the point that you’ll eventually face seahorse-ish foes that fire at you from a distance. (You can easily avoid their shots by scraping the bottom.) The main reason to undergo this journey is to find a Magical Sponge, located on the seafloor. The Sponge allows you to squeeze yourself down to a smaller size, wherein you can dodge incoming shots more easily.

Return to The Sea once you have some more powerful items, or more HP in general. The further you go, the stronger the enemies become, to the point that you’ll eventually be facing sharks. Kill one to get a Shell Powder, which will triple the output of your lollipops. Egads! (Just avoid the sea serpents, you can’t kill them.)

Come back yet again once you’re strong enough to easily withstand the sharks— probably near the end of the game—and eventually, you’ll see three rare sharks with coloured fins. Kill them and you’ll get these items in this order: the Magical Red, Green, and Purple Shark Fins. The Red Fin upgrades your Fireball spell; the Green Fin multiplies your lollipop production by another five times; the Purple Fin gives you the Black Hole spell. The first two won’t take that long to find, but the Purple Fin requires a lot of swimming and killing to locate.

A BIG difficulty jump here.

How to get there

If it works, the console will appear at the bottom of your screen. Click to enlarge.

To get to the console, simply follow these keyboard directions, based on which browser you use:

  • Chrome: Press Ctrl. + Shift + JOr: Crtl. + Shift + IOr: F12
  • Safari: Press Ctrl. + Alt + C                                         or Command + Option + C
  • Internet Explorer 9: Press F12, then click the ‘Console’ tab
  • Firefox: Press Ctrl. + Shift + KOr (if Firebug is installed): Press F12, then click the ‘Console’ tab
  • Opera Press Ctrl. + Shift + I
What you can do

An impressive array of things can be changed to the player’s liking. This is useful for if the player wants to beat the game quicker, or just play around.

The Village

Welcome to your base of operations! The Village serves as your home away from home, a sanctuary where you can buy new stuff with your hard-earned candies. You’ll visit here often, so it’s worth noting off the bat that you can only access the central row of stores. The rest of The Village is just for show. (For now, anyway.)


One of the first places you can visit is the Shop. The merchant inside will sell you items in exchange for candy. Return after completing quests later in the game and he’ll occasionally have new wares for sale.

  • Lollipop (60 C) — There are only three, and there’s no difference between them, despite what the merchant may claim. Lollipops come in handy soon, so buy all three.
  • Chocolate Bar (800 C) — Available from the start. Chocolate is used for bartering.
  • Leather Boots (300 C) — Available from the start. These boots can be equipped, and you can eventually upgrade them with magic.
  • Time Ring (500 C) — Appears after completing The Desert. The Time Ring allows you to slow down the game during quests so you can react more quickly.
  • Leather Gloves (300 C) — Appears after completing The Desert. You can equip, and eventually upgrade, these gloves.
  • Merchant’s Hat (1,000,000 C) — Click on the hat itself. Multiplies the number of candies you receive during quests by seven.

The Forge

This dude deals in weapons and a single piece of armor, exchanged for candy. The first three weapons can be bought one after the other, and it’s wise to upgrade early. You’ll need this stuff to survive quests. Don’t miss the single lollipop sitting above his forge.

  • Wooden Sword (150 C)
  • Iron Axe (400 C)
  • Polished Silver Sword (2,000 C)
  • Lightweight Body Armor (15,000 C) — Appears after completing The Cave Entrance
  • Scythe (5,000,000) — Appears after speaking to the dragon in The Castle

House (Furthest Right)

A man/woman in here will ask you to clean out their cellar. You’ll need at least the Wooden Sword to fulfill this request. Mind that you have to equip the sword via the Inventory tab.


This is the easiest dungeon, and very simple to complete with the Wooden Sword alone. Just watch your guy plow through the rats, one by one. You’ll receive The Map for beating the dungeon, thereby unlocking the world map. You can’t reenter the Cellar after completing it.

You can build a Mill once you reach 10,000 lollipops.

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